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Outcall Services

Let Massage Come to You


Corporate Massage

Chair Massage

Chair massage is a great way to show your employees how much you appreciate them. Given in 5-20 minute intervals, chair massage focuses on the back and neck of the client, while the client remains clothed.

While relaxing, this modality promotes focus, energy, and mental clarity; reduces anxiety, depression, and stress; and relieves muscle tension, pain, and headaches, which leads to greater productivity.

  • Set-Up Fee - $35/Chair

  • Labor - Hourly Rate/Chair

Minimum Booking of One Hour

In-Home Massage

Table Massage

Get all the benefit of massage without leaving the comfort of home.

This service is reserved for established clients.

  • Set-Up Fee - $70/Table

  • Labor - Hourly Rate/Table

Minimum Booking of One Hour

Country Style Living Room
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