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About Myself

Madi Cowan
License Number 3596

Massage is something I have always wanted to do - back when I also thinking about being a marine biologist or maybe just going and taking a nap. I revisited the idea of massage therapy while at UAB getting my BA in Music (2011) and started looking into it more seriously as a profession after graduation. I graduated Birmingham School of Massage in September 2012, and I’ve continued to fall more and more in love with what I do ever since.

I love all kinds of massage therapy, but I specialize in deep tissue and neuromuscular therapies because I am passionate about helping others understand and alleviate their pain. I approach massage from a holistic point-of-view. I believe there is as much benefit in a relaxation massage as there is in a deep tissue massage because of the deep connection between the mind and the body, which cannot be separated.


While I never expected to teach (or to own my own business, for that matter), I am passionate about teaching clients and new massage students alike about the benefits of massage and how to listen to their body’s limitations and demands. In addition to running Red Mountain Therapeutic Massage, I have also been a bodywork instructor at Birmingham School of Massage, and volunteered with American Massage Therapy Association, Alabama Chapter as Secretary and Communications Committee Chair.

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