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Frequently Asked Questions
Do I have to get completely undressed?
You'll be asked to undress to your comfort level. If that means you just want to take off your shoes and lay down, that's perfectly fine!
If you want to get completely undressed, that's okay, too! Just lay underneath the sheet.
What kind of lotion/oil do you use?
I use jojoba oil which is non-allergenic and non-comedogenic, so you will neither experience an allergic reaction to the oil nor will it clog your pores. As a bonus, you'll leave feeling nicely moisturized rather than super oily.
Am I going to be sore tomorrow?

Even if the massage itself never hurts for a moment, there is always a possibility that you may be sore for a few days after your massage. Muscles have been manipulated, areas that are not usually thought about have been touched, and joints have likely gone through some range of motion.
If you are sore, it should be similar to a post-workout soreness, rather than the same soreness you began with or outright pain.

Let's talk about draping.
Unless you stay completely clothed, you will be covered by at least a sheet, and sometimes a blanket (or two if you're extra cold). Only the area that is being worked on will be uncovered (i.e. one leg at a time) at any given moment.
No pain, no gain! If my massage hurts, it's just more therapy, right?

NO! It doesn't matter if you're getting a relaxation massage or deep tissue therapy, massage should NEVER be more than a "hurts-so-good" feeling.

Put another way, you should always be breathing fairly easily and should never feel like you have to jump or tighten up your muscles while receiving a massage. It's actually counter-productive to any therapy you may be receiving because pain stimulates your fight-or-flight response that we're trying to de-activate.

Do we have to listen to spa music?

Of course not! It is your session, tailored to suit you best. I have access to a bunch of music via Google Play Music, so you name it, we can find a playlist for it. I can get you connected to my bluetooth speaker if you happen to have something you want to listen to handy on your phone.
And if you want to use this time to meditate, silence is fine as well. Just let me know.

I'm sick! Should I still come in?

If you have a fever, cold/flu symptoms, or a contagious skin infection or other contagious disease, please cancel or reschedule your appointment. Not only will you keep me healthy so I can see you when you're feeling better, but there's also less of a chance that you'll pass that illness onto another client or person in my office building.

Another reason you may need to adjust your appointment is in the event of a surgery. Usually, I will ask you to wait at least 6 weeks or until you have been released by your doctor to receive massage.

So I should tell you if it hurts?
Yes! Please! I highly encourage open communication during therapeutic massage. Your feedback lets me know whether I'm in the right place or not. I especially want you to tell me if you are experiencing any pain.
No one can feel what you feel except you. I might be good at reading your body language or knowing common issues for most people, but I truly don't know what you feel unless you speak up.
If you want to sleep or meditate during a relaxation massage, please do, but still speak up if my pressure is too deep (or too light) at any point.
How often should I get massage?

Short answer? It varies from person to person.
Ultimately, it's up to you, your schedule, and your budget. However, most people who get massage for body maintenance come in every 4-6 weeks. If there is an acute issue that we are trying to work through, coming in every 1-2 weeks for a while may be recommended.
We can work this out together and see what works best for you.

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